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We offer great products for horses. A fantastic line of shampoos for color enhancing, Whitening and fly control. We also offer grooming supplies and more. If you dont believe us check out this testimonial :

" I have been breeding and showing horses for many years. Anyone who owns horses knows the struggle of keeping horses clean, let alone white! I struggled with the whitening shampoos, if left on for any amount of time it would stain them purple and having a horse that was 80 % white meant I was in the wash rack for hours scrubbing spot by spot and rinsing in between. As a Pet groomer as well as a equestrian I knew there had to be a better way. I  used Kelco Ultra Blue White in my shop for the white dogs and saw the label said it could be used on livestock and horses too. I figured I would give it a shot. I was impressed! Not only did it get out the dirt and stains leaving her coat shiny and white but it did not stain her. I started using it at shows and would get asked about it everywhere I went. People loved the smell and how well it worked. And for me the best part was not having to wash her a spot at a time. I started using other Kelco products on my other horses and got the same results. Healthy shiny coats and tons of compliments!  "

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